Recruitment at St Wilfrid’s

We are currently recruiting new members for St Wilfrid’s bell ringing team and we would be interested in hearing from anyone who may like to try their hand at ringing.

Centenary Band

Ringing for St Wilfrid’s Centenary Dedication Festival Mass, 11th June 2014

So what’s involved?

  • We ring on Sunday mornings before the Parish Mass and practice each week (while we expect our ringers to be available on some Sundays, we recognise that it is not possible for everyone to turn up every week)
  • Learners are taught how to control the bell, they then go on and learn to ring with others and then learn the different “methods” (tunes!)
  • Develop a hobby of a life time which is good fun, keeps you fit and serves the Church!
  • Make history! In recent years we rang for Tour de France, St Wilfrid’s Centenary and we even did a sponsored ring to raise money for our development!
  • Ring at weddings and get paid!
  • Ring at other churches – in recent years we have had outings to Ripon Cathedral and to the West Tanfield area
  • Come to our Christmas Party! 

Who can take part?

We welcome both adults and children as new recruits

For children, we suggest from school year 6 and above (age 10/11 or older) is a good time to start.  You can take part in the bell club and get badges for your progress and if you are in the scouts or guides, you can do bell ringing for scout/guide badges or even for your Duke of Edinburgh Award!

There is no upper age limit for adults, you just need to be able to enjoy learning and don’t mind climbing the stairs! (there are 83 steps at St Wilfrid’s)


Please email us at and we’ll get you to one of our practices or arrange a visit for you to try out



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