Other Bell Ringing Sites

Bell Ringing

Discover Bell Ringing
The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR)
Doves Guide for Church Bell Ringers – all the ringable towers in the UK and beyond…
The Ringing World (a.k.a “The Comic”)
Bellboard – peals and quarter peals
Felstead Database – all peals ever rung

Bell Founders

John Taylor & Co, Loughborough – where St Wilfrid’s and St Peter’s bells were cast
Westley Group – the successor to the Whitechapel Foundry

Computer Applications

Bell View – a method explorer program hosted by us
Abel – ringing simulator
Method Printer -print methods in a variety of different formats
The Ringing Room – a virtual bell tower!
Online method database

Anything else to do with bell ringing

Change Ringing Resources

John Taylor & Co Bell Foundry, Loughborough