Other Bells in Harrogate

Christchurch, High Harrogate

In High Harrogate a chapel of ease, St John’s chapel, was built in 1749 and was subsequently enlarged in the late 18th century to accommodate the growing number of visitors to Harrogate. There was one bell dated 1812.

St John’s chapel was replaced in 1831 with a new church, Christchurch, by John Oates, to which a chancel and transepts were added by Lockwood and Mawson in 1862.

Christchurch has three bells; two cast in 1831 by Thomas Mears of Whitechapel (weighing 5cwt and 12cwt) for the new church and a 22cwt bell added in 1874 by John Taylor of Loughborough. In 1914 there was a scheme to add five more bells to make a ring of eight, but nothing materialised.

Christchurch on the Stray, High Harrogate

West Park Chapel (United Reformed)

When the old St John’s chapel in High Harrogate was demolished, all the fittings including the bell were sold to the Congregationalist Church who used them in their new West Park Chapel. The bell remains there today and is hung for full-circle ringing.

West Park Chapel (United Reformed)

St John the Evangelist, Bilton

Christchurch was not the only church to abandon plans for bells. St John the Evangelist in Bilton was consecrated in 1855 and it was originally planned to erect a spire on top of the tower and install a peal of six bells. The spire was never built and only the tenor (weighing 12 cwt, 2 qtr, 19 lbs) was cast.